Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Grate Escape

The Return Of The Bevi EP is still ongoing - so here's a stopgap meantime.

Last year I was asked to make a compilation of some of what I thought were the best tracks I had made. Not quite sure why I didn't upload it for general consumption, but here is the result. About ten years of selected highlights (there was a choice of about 300 tracks !). No particular order, although all the covers I've been recording are excluded - strictly mash-up and remix territory here. The more recent material can still be found on my soundcloud account, but some of these have not been available online for years. There might even be a previously unreleased track in there.

It's one of those free download things. If anyone wants to mirror it, please feel free to put in a link as a comment.

Here's the tracklisting:

01) Dunproofin' - Ain't No Justice
02) Dunproofin' - FU2
03) Dunproofin' - Narcissistic Freak
04) Dunproofin' - This One Needs A Title (BvsHD)
05) Dunrpoofin' - Casbah Wonder
06) Dunproofin' - Alphaboot
07) Dunproofin' - Cheeky Track
08) Dunproofin' - Heaven
09) Dunproofin' - Pjanoo Dance
10) Dunproofin' - Gimme More Pay TV
11) Dunproofin' vs Aggro1 - Pussy Cat Party
12) LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum (Dunproofin's Not From England Either Mix)
13) Dunproofin' - Just Do It
14) Christina Aguleira - Makeover (Dunproofin's Future Sound Remix)
15) Dunproofin' - All The Lovers Fade To Grey (George M Remix I)
16) Dunproofin' - Electro Sandman
17) Dunproofin' - Exodus
18) Dunproofin' - Can You Feel Magik ?
19) Dunproofin' - Groove Is In The Girls
20) Dunproofin' - Katy On Boys
21) Dunproofin' - Lily & The Robot
22) Dunproofin' - Melt Me Maybe
23) Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole (Dunproofin's Disco Hole Remix)
24) Dunproofin' - Everything But Class
25) Dunproofin' - Only Mashups Can Break Your Heart
26) E-Jitz - Two Magdelane F*ckers
27) Dunproofin' - Loaded Epic
28) Dunproofin' - Just Don't Care
29) Dunproofin' - Your Lovin' Arms (A World Gone Crazy)
30) Dunproofin' - Slave To Fashion
31) Dunproofin' - Never Win (Got To Have Your Love)
32) Dunproofin' - Booty Of Choice (Edit)
33) Dunproofin' - Holla Revolution
34) Dunproofin' - Don't Mess
35) Dunproofin' - Hard To Boot (Emma Revsion)
36) Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (Dunproofin' Remix)
37) Duffy - Mercy (Dunproofin's Even More Thankful Remix)
38) Dunproofin' - Superquadrophonia
39) E-Jitz - Toxic Narcotic (No Good For Me)
40) Dunproofin' - Rock It
41) Dunproofin' - LDNWKD
42) Dunproofin' - This One Needs A Title (RvsHH)
43) Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Dunproofin' Remix)
44) Dunproofin' - Police Klaxons
45) Dunproofin' - Reordered
46) Dunproofin' - Join The Prayer
47) Dunproofin' - Incredible
48) Dunproofin' - Awesome (Explicit)
49) Erasure - A Little Respect (Dunproofin's Respectful Mix)
50) Dunproofin' - Last Choon

As always - enjoy !


  1. Mr or Ms Proofin,

    Love your work, especially Groove is in the Girls. Was hoping to enjoy more of it, but Freakshare isn't cooperating. It keeps saying there is no download server available, and to try again later. I have, and there still isn't. Would you be able to upload your selection to another host?

    Thanks very much,
    A fan

  2. kopimi radio thanks you for the awesome music and dnld!! ... btw Dunproofin' - Only Mashups Can Break Your Heart *mind blown* KaBoOm!

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  4. mirrored ... thx bud!! >>!4ngChTBC!7dkRMtgHDtwRdsraCXr0cYsUXS1K3Rtdr3x3q-CnO8A