Sunday, September 05, 2010

Swings & Roundabouts

With huge apologies to P&P for this one but it just leapt out at me when I heard Underworld's new single.
    Last time I was here I was hoping that Mr Price would leak those Kylie acapellas. Turns out he now has. I would go and revisit the Visage / Kylie mashup below but it turns out that DJ George M already has ... and a mighty fine job he's done on it tweaking it for maximum dancefloor devastation. Thoroughly recommend a visit to his website actually - there's lots of good things on there.


    1. Anonymous30/9/10 01:42

      Links are dead, buddy. :(

      Any more mashes or mixes in the works? PLEASE SAY YES! I need my sick Dun EDM-tweaked popular music fix!! ;-}

      w/ love from philly, USA
      -CJ Myllennium