Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Re-Record Not Fade Away

Ever so slightly obsessed with Kylie's lead single, All The Lovers, from her rather good Aphrodite album. It did click pretty much immediately that this followed a similar structure to the Visage classic Fade To Grey also ... et voila. Those audio-kleptomaniacs over at APC had a drop on this also but it's now time to put on here also.
    Now if only that lovely Mr Price would leak those Kylie acapellas. Speaking of lovely people, Thriftshop XL has come up trumps again creating some visual delights. Both tracks are still available for download also if you look for the right clickers, erm, on the right. Hope you enjoy as much as I did !


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    1. Anonymous31/7/10 09:50

      Hi Dunproofin,

      I'm starting a remix contest not uncomparable to the "flip the switch" project. you can find it on the chemical brothers forum and I was wondering if you would like to participate. I was also wondering if you still have connections with Katie Enlow or other former team members who would like to join again.
      Please let me hear if you are interested.