Friday, March 12, 2010

Small Update

SVC Records are very wonderful people. Keen viewers will have noticed Ringo Deathstarr popping up in the Dun Radio charts opposite with alarming regularity. You can blame SVC Records for bringing them to my attention. And it's the same case for the exquisite Lord Numb, albeit crashing in from a completely different orbit around planet SVC.

I'll fully admit it's lazy journalism to just copy and paste their musical influences to from the Lord Numb Myspace page. However, as I'm no journalist I'm going to do it anyway - We're talking Suicide, Prince, New Order, Human League, Ram Records, Metalheadz, Death In Vegas, David Cronenberg, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Orbital, The Clash, George A Romero, Squarepusher, LCD Soundsytem and Bjork amongst others. And a fair bit of Bowie. Don't take my word for it though - go and grab Lord Numb's latest album ("Numbskull") for free, or download my remixes of album track "Little One".

P.S. Don't forget either - Billie Ray Martin's Crackdown Remix Project Part 2 is out on Monday 15th March featuring a plethora of remixes - you can buy it on iTunes UK, Beatport, Amazon UK or Juno for starters at various prices depending on your preference.