Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Message To You

The Specials hold a very, erm, special place in my heart. Their 1979 cover version of Dandy Livingstone's "A Message To You Rudy" is the definitive version as far as I am concerned, and nothing has come remotely close to it yet.
Consider yourself warned - this is not remotely ska.

X-Press 2 covered the track back in 2007 also - and they did a damn fine job. Faithful enough to not ruin the vibe, but careful enough to update it to make it relevant. In fact, those of you with iTunes can actually download an interview with the trio, including their version, free of charge. And this is where my remix comes in - using the X-Press 2 vocals.

It's hopefully not where the story ends however.

Some people who had the misfortune of meeting me personally will know after a few shandies I've been known to provide my own masterful rendition of the classic. However, I would love to turn this remix into a cover version - so if you think you can sing this give me a shout.

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