Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rock It To The Rhythm Of A Groovy Beat

I've been busy ... ok ? Bit of a bumper update coming up - almost an album's worth of new and not so new music for you. First up, Goldfrapp meets Bag Raiders & Lazy Jay ...
The next couple of tunes were created for weekend GYBO challenges - only have 48 hrs to work on them, so of variable quality, but that's the challenge. Bonus points if you can work out what music has been mixed up in these ones.
I managed to recover from another website some older tracks from about 5 or 6 years ago (yeah ... that long) So here they are re-tagged and with current artwork for your iPods  ...
Homeward Stretch ... an official remix of The Young Punx new single given away free for y'all next:
And finally ... Thriftshop XL has been at it again: a great video for All The Lovers Fade To Grey (George M's rework)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Swings & Roundabouts

With huge apologies to P&P for this one but it just leapt out at me when I heard Underworld's new single.
    Last time I was here I was hoping that Mr Price would leak those Kylie acapellas. Turns out he now has. I would go and revisit the Visage / Kylie mashup below but it turns out that DJ George M already has ... and a mighty fine job he's done on it tweaking it for maximum dancefloor devastation. Thoroughly recommend a visit to his website actually - there's lots of good things on there.

    Tuesday, July 06, 2010

    Re-Record Not Fade Away

    Ever so slightly obsessed with Kylie's lead single, All The Lovers, from her rather good Aphrodite album. It did click pretty much immediately that this followed a similar structure to the Visage classic Fade To Grey also ... et voila. Those audio-kleptomaniacs over at APC had a drop on this also but it's now time to put on here also.
      Now if only that lovely Mr Price would leak those Kylie acapellas. Speaking of lovely people, Thriftshop XL has come up trumps again creating some visual delights. Both tracks are still available for download also if you look for the right clickers, erm, on the right. Hope you enjoy as much as I did !


      Sunday, May 16, 2010

      You Little Wonder

      Another big up to Gutthell for filling in a request with this video. Isla ... hope you like it.

      The audio of this can be download from here ...
        No new music for a while from me ... real life getting in the way ... it's Wedding Season !

        Monday, May 03, 2010

        Saturday Night's Alright

        Dunproofin' - Black Saturday Mix by dunproofin  

        Another in the occassional series started in 2005.Seems difficult to believe Friday was in December 2007 .... Here's the tracklisting:

        01 - Phuture - Acid Trax (Plum DJ's Edit)
        - Maurice Joshua - This Is Acid (Boys Noize Rework) (Drop)
        - Hatiras - Digital Doom 2010 (Drop)
        - Indo - R U Sleeping (Lee Mortimer's Warehouse Music Rerub) (Drop)
        - TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Mix) (Elite Force Refix) (DJ Version)
        - Double 99 - RIP Groove (Pirate Soundsystem Remix)
        - Uberzone - I No You
        - Big Deal - 99 In The House
        - The Gossip - Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix)
        - Hostage - Skin Out
        - Calvertron & Rico Tubbs - Stamina
        - A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Stanton Warriors Remix)
        - The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Adam F & Horx Remix)
        - Slyde - MGMT Booty (Drop)
        - Paul Harris - I Want U (Club Mix)
        - Rye Rye & M.I.A. - Bang (Stanton Warriors Remix)
        - Big Bang Breaks - Miami Bitch
        - Slyde - MGMT Booty
        - Baymont Bross Feral - Hold Tight (Miles Dyson Remix)
        - Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat (Remix)
        - Wardian - Clandestine Chinese (Original Mix)
        - Indo - R U Sleeping (Lee Mortimer's Wearhouse Music Rerub)
        - Maurice Joshua - This Is Acid (Boys Noize Rework)

        You can download from the Soundcloud option in the player above, or from the direct link below.

        Another bit of Young Punx news for you also - IP kindly created a video for SugarCandySuperChic (which is below) - you can download the track here - or you can download the whole album here. Cheers IP.

        Monday, April 19, 2010

        Saturday, April 17, 2010

        All The Young Punx (New Boots / No Contracts !)

        Very proud and humbled to be a part of APC's latest project. London Bridge's finest, The Young Punx, released their album "Mashpop And Punkstep" at the start of March this year - and mighty fine it is too - I suggest you all go buy it.

        However ... you can now download the promo mashup version for nowt. Free. Gratis. It's a full 12 track album featuring 12 unique mashup artists such as Pheugoo, Lobersterdust, B.A.R.T.O., Copycat, Phil RetroSpector, Simon Iddol, DJ Schmolli, A Plus D, DJ BC, Divide & Kreate and The Young Punx themselves. And there's also some bloke called Dunproofin' on it. It's all good y'know.

        Anyway ... you can download MASHED POPPED PUNKED here .... or you can listen to it in this widget thing here ....

        Monday, April 12, 2010

        Ford Perfect

        Continuing my Weatherall obsession by having his Two Lone Swordsmen fence with Kanye West. You may recognise both parts if you've ever watched commercial UK TV.

        Friday, March 12, 2010

        Small Update

        SVC Records are very wonderful people. Keen viewers will have noticed Ringo Deathstarr popping up in the Dun Radio charts opposite with alarming regularity. You can blame SVC Records for bringing them to my attention. And it's the same case for the exquisite Lord Numb, albeit crashing in from a completely different orbit around planet SVC.

        I'll fully admit it's lazy journalism to just copy and paste their musical influences to from the Lord Numb Myspace page. However, as I'm no journalist I'm going to do it anyway - We're talking Suicide, Prince, New Order, Human League, Ram Records, Metalheadz, Death In Vegas, David Cronenberg, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Orbital, The Clash, George A Romero, Squarepusher, LCD Soundsytem and Bjork amongst others. And a fair bit of Bowie. Don't take my word for it though - go and grab Lord Numb's latest album ("Numbskull") for free, or download my remixes of album track "Little One".

        P.S. Don't forget either - Billie Ray Martin's Crackdown Remix Project Part 2 is out on Monday 15th March featuring a plethora of remixes - you can buy it on iTunes UK, Beatport, Amazon UK or Juno for starters at various prices depending on your preference.

        Sunday, February 28, 2010

        Keep Feeling Fascination ... again

        It's the bootleg that wouldn't die ... big up to Gutthell who has come up trumps with this video.

        The audio of this can be download from here ...

        In other news ... there's a new Dunproofin' track (Gimmie More Pay TV) floating around just now which can be found on Sugamotor's "Sex Mashine" compilation. It's exclusive to that compilation so if you want to download it you need to download the whole album. And you should. It's very good and features the likes of Ben Double M, DJ Fac, DJ Giac, LeeDM101, Marc Johnce, Mighty Mike, RoM1RoM, ToToM, ZoOm and Sugamotor himself.

        Sunday, February 07, 2010

        A Message To You

        The Specials hold a very, erm, special place in my heart. Their 1979 cover version of Dandy Livingstone's "A Message To You Rudy" is the definitive version as far as I am concerned, and nothing has come remotely close to it yet.
        Consider yourself warned - this is not remotely ska.

        X-Press 2 covered the track back in 2007 also - and they did a damn fine job. Faithful enough to not ruin the vibe, but careful enough to update it to make it relevant. In fact, those of you with iTunes can actually download an interview with the trio, including their version, free of charge. And this is where my remix comes in - using the X-Press 2 vocals.

        It's hopefully not where the story ends however.

        Some people who had the misfortune of meeting me personally will know after a few shandies I've been known to provide my own masterful rendition of the classic. However, I would love to turn this remix into a cover version - so if you think you can sing this give me a shout.

        Wednesday, January 20, 2010


        Small update on the Just Fascination / Crackdown remixes now available for pre-order over at Play (Part One / Part Two) and Juno (Part One / Part Two) - there will be more to follow, and you'll get an update as soon as I know. Juno currently has previews of all of the remixes online. Meantime however, courtesy of mixcloud there's a minimix (mixed by Celebrity Murder Party) of some of the remixes. You can either download it ...
        Or you can listen to it in this widget thing here ....

        Sunday, January 10, 2010

        Keep Feeling Fascination

        The press release says ....
        When Billie Ray Martin told Stephen Mallinder she had just finished the job of selling out Cabaret Voltaire to disco, he burst out laughing. The legendary head of famed electronic band Cabaret Voltaire saw no reason to stop her. Instead, he agreed to deliver his first vocal performance in years on Billie’s cover of the Cabs’ song ‘The Crackdown’. Produced by top Berlin tech-house act Maertini Broes, this production brings Billie Ray Martin back to her cutting-edge house music roots.

        Second in line to be out-discoed was the song 'Just Fascination'. This time, the UK's finest Nu-Disco producer Lusty Zanzibar delivered the production. The result is a no holds barred epic groove fest with a Balearic touch.

        Remixes were delivered not only by Billie's 'Your Loving Arms' co-writer David Harrow (under his Oicho moniker), but also by super-blog Audio Porn Central's top remix team:

        Celebrity Murder Party, Copycat, Divide and Create, Dunproofin', Flying White Dots, Phil RetroSpector, Year Zero have all delivered something that goes beyond mere remixing but they have created stunning artistic reworks of these classic songs.

        Released on Billie's Disco Activisto label, which she has re-launched for this and all future releases. In an 'industry-first' Billie is collaborating with torrent-site and will be releasing free exclusive mixes on January 25, leading up to the official release of the first EP. Further 'exclusives' will be released in collaboration with blogs and magazines leading up to the second part of the release.

        Stephen Mallinder: "Billie and I had been planning to work together for a number of years and now we finally did it."

        BRM: "I could never do justice to the original songs but can have a damn good time trying."

        Volume 1 - Sold Out To Disco - 15 February 2010:

        • The Crackdown (Original / Original Dub / Original Instrumental / Original Radio Edit)
        • Just Fascination (Original Version / Original Dub / Original Instrumental / Original Radio Edit / Copycat Remix / Copycat Dub / Celebrity Murder Party Remix / Celebrity Murder Party Dub / Celebrity Murder Party Instrumental / Divide & Kreate Remix / Divide & Kreate Dub / Divide & Kreate Instrumental / Flying White Dots Remix / Flying White Dots Dub / Flying White Dots Instrumental)
        Volume 2 - Darkness Restored - 15 March 2010:
        • The Crackdown (Oicho Remix / Phil RetroSpector Remix / Phil RetroSpector Dub / Phil RetroSpector Instrumental / Light Programme Remix / Year Zero Remix / Dunproofin' Remix / Dunproofin' Dub / Dunproofin' Instrumental / Celebrity Murder Party Remix)
        • Just Fascination (Dunproofin' Remix / Dunproofin' Instrumental)
        The Mixes will be available through all good digital retailers, and no doubt some bad ones also. Over the next few weeks mixes will be popping up on blogs no doubt also so keep yer eyes peeled.