Friday, December 11, 2009

Houston Calling

Houston holds a very peculiar sentiment for me. Let's get the song out of the way first - this is the seemingly never ageing Houston bluesmen ZZ Top gone breakbeat courtesy of a 4Kuba remix of Miss Napalm. To be honest, the brothers and the amusingly named one could and should remix this themselves and re-release as I've got no hesitation in saying it would be a hit all over again. Big thanks to Simon over at APC for the artwork and initial first play exclusive.

Houston held long fascination for me in my younger years. Almost certainly because I knew that ZZ Top were from Houston (therefore, it must be a cool place), and definitely because of Jean-Michel Jarre. His 1986 Rendezvous Houston concert convinced me that Houston must be a cool place if it had concerts like this. Approximately 1.5 million spectators saw this live by tuning in on their radios on the gridlocked highway. He uses skyscrapers as projector screens. He uses the Children Of The Damned as a choir. He plays a frickin' laser harp. Had the Challenger disaster not happened, he would have had a live saxophone solo from space. This man eats Daft Punk for breakfast. And it's pompous, over the top, almost certainly played from a CD thanks, but marvellous.

I've been to Houston many times now. Part of me hopes that one day I'll be lucky enough to see something as stupidly great at this.

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