Thursday, July 09, 2009

You're The One For Me

Just getting ready for this year's annual mudfest at T-In-The-Park. Weather does not look promising. Anyway ... will be listening to this on the drive there.

I always wondered where that sample came from originally, so a quick google later and it turns out to be Broken Glass apparently. New one on me - good stuff though.

OK .. .time now for a bit of a rant. I reckon Orbital are possibly one of the most important electronic acts of the last twenty years. So why do they keep ripping off fans by re-issuing best of compilations. True, their latest Orbital20 does have two (or three if you go iTunes) new remixes, but in these download friendly days, is it worth getting a whole album for a couple of new, to be honest not much cop, remixes ? I'm not convinced either that this is still a definitive "best of" but if you're really interested, I've put my personal choice in the comments below. Rant over.


  1. "Definitve Orbital" - which may change tomorrow.

    01 - Way Out ->
    02 - Spare Parts Express
    03 - Style (if anyone has the Rolf Harris version please contact me!)
    04 - Beached (Long Version)
    05 - Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask (Orbital Remix)
    06 - Times Fly (Fast)
    07 - Choice
    08 - The Box (Radio Edit)
    09 - Oi !
    10 - Impact USA (The Earth Is Burning: Diversion)
    11 - Forvever
    12 - Lush 3.3 (Underworld)
    13 - Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream (Mind The Bend The Mind)
    14 - Oolaa (Joey Beltram Mutation)
    15 - Are We Here (Oral Mix by Rabbit In The Moon)
    16 - The Shamen - Hear Me O My People (Orbital Mix)
    17 - Bigpipe Style (aka Bagpipe Style)
    18 - Halycon (original version!)
    19 - Nothing Left (Short Version)
    20 - Midnight
    21 - The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
    22 - The Sinner
    23 - Madonna - Bedtime Story (Orbital Mix)
    24 - The Naked & The Dead
    25 - Satan Spawn
    26 - Halycon (Tom Middleton Re-model - the best of a bad bunch)
    27 - You Lot
    28 - The Golden Girls - Kinetic (Orbital Mix 3)
    29 - Doctor ?
    30 - Chime (Live Style Mix - full 6.48 version!)

    OK - it's 3hrs 40 mins !!!

  2. Anonymous17/7/09 09:09

    As I said, I reckon this would have been a killer bootleg in 2004. Still good now, but missed the zeitgeist a tad.

  3. common, the orbital is still awesome!! i've red a rumor that we can expect some new material in the near future from the orbital!

    (my personal fav list would be nearly the same but it would also have Acid pants on it, P.E.T.R.O.L. and the mind blowing 15 min version of "are we here?")

  4. Just a small update on that orbital tracklisting. I've now sourced the version of Style that features Rolf ! And I'm going to add to that list their new track "Don't Stop Me" which was on their recent 6 Mix for BBC Radio 6.