Thursday, July 09, 2009

You're The One For Me

Just getting ready for this year's annual mudfest at T-In-The-Park. Weather does not look promising. Anyway ... will be listening to this on the drive there.

I always wondered where that sample came from originally, so a quick google later and it turns out to be Broken Glass apparently. New one on me - good stuff though.

OK .. .time now for a bit of a rant. I reckon Orbital are possibly one of the most important electronic acts of the last twenty years. So why do they keep ripping off fans by re-issuing best of compilations. True, their latest Orbital20 does have two (or three if you go iTunes) new remixes, but in these download friendly days, is it worth getting a whole album for a couple of new, to be honest not much cop, remixes ? I'm not convinced either that this is still a definitive "best of" but if you're really interested, I've put my personal choice in the comments below. Rant over.