Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Loves Ya, Baby

RIP Kojak. Long Live Colombo.
What a mad couple of weeks it's been. I go away on holiday, have a week off music completely (refreshing the palette is far more satisfying actually than I thought it would be), safe in the knowledge that the week I would have on my return to prepare for a gig last Sunday would be sufficient time to get my proverbial shizzle together.
So I get back and try to turn the computer on.

And then I try again.

And once more for luck.

So, now Kojak has been replaced by Colombo. And it's Vista. Hmmmm - jury's out on that one so far, but I'll give it a fair shot. I have lost about half of my demos (I seem to remember I had over 200 tracks completed since I started posting online tunes in, I think, 2002), but thankfully it seems to be just the, erm, rubbish ones that I didn't have backed up somewhere.

So Colombo is having, through necessity, new music creation software installed on it currently which will inevitably create a slightly different sound to things that you may hear in the future. I think I'm most irritated at losing my 'pella library and plug ins to be honest, but it's probably a good a reason as any to start trying to hone in skills (or what I'm passing off for skills at any rate) on some different stuff. Rest assured, there will be more bootlegs / mashups, just not perhaps for a little while whilst I regroup.

And that's a good excuse as any to make this compilation available. A cull if you like from the 116 tracks I've managed to rescue (or 9hrs, 38minutes worth to be precise), a "greatest hits" mostly with one or two personal favorites.
The above links will take you to external services.

If you're still reading, here's some blurb ....

01: 01 Dunproofin' - Slave To Fashion (04:43)Britney Spears & David Bowie (mostly): perhaps the second or third track I made using my last software set up (Acid 4!), and still one of my favorites. Heavily influenced by another bootleggers' track (Dinbot's Wire infused Watchin' 4 U) and attempting to sound as scuzzy as possible with the groove and drums and bass. Got a lot of interest from some unexpected people thanks to a sample of The Beatmasters used for the skank. ...

01: 02 Dunproofin' vs Compact Risk - Work Out Failure (03:35)Beyone & Skinny (mostly): I was actually really surprised how well this track was received, but it's grown on me quite a lot over the past few years. Rich's keyboard skills were just the extra element this relatively simple mashup required to take it beyond a simple A vs B. A lot of fun putting this one together, and to this day I apologize to Rich for the pain I put him through when I was trying to put together another, now completely lost, unfinished track.

01: 03 Dunproofin' - Your Lovin' Arms (A World Gone Mad) (03:41)Billy Ray Martin & Dub Pistols: it's pretty rare that I'll recycle a vocal for more than one track, but fairly early on I used Billy Ray Martin's vocals on a fairly up-tempo track. This version however simply fitted too well to ignore and added a much better feel to the vocals than the previous effort. Plus which the Dub Pistols are deserving much wider exposure than they currently get - if one person goes and listens to more Dub Pistols as a result then job's a goodun'

01: 04 Dunproofin' - Rnd (04:39)
Lady Sov & Can't Remember !: so I found out that when you slow breaks tracks down to about 115 bpm, the drums sound pretty huge: in retrospect, there's a lot of sloppy timing in the vocals in places, but I'm so used to hearing the rhymes on the incorrect beats now that the correct beats sound odd to me. Ch-Ching!

01: 05 Dunproofin' - Breathe My Breath Away (06:26)
Blu Cantrell & Sean Paul vs Berlin (mostly): the very first track I posted on the mashup mecca that is Get Your Bootleg On. Must admit the title came before the actual track, but I'm still pretty happy with this, even if it is perhaps a little too long and repetitive for it's own good. Had a lot of fun cutting those drums and that infamous bass line up.

01: 06 Kylie Minogue - Slow (Dunproofin's Pilgrimage Mix Fix) (06:27) (Previously Unreleased Version)
Kylie Minogue & Sourmash & lots of others: there's a common theme in a lot of the tracks I make - I try to make stuff that I can DJ with. The first attempt almost got there, but to be honest I screwed up the ending. This version fixed that problem. And if you don't know why it's called the pilgrimage mix, go and purchase the best of Hardfloor at once. One of the first tracks I completed to get radio airplay.

01: 07 Dunproofin' - Spektrum John (05:39)Elton John & Spektrum: a bit of an albatross in some respects, as for some unfathomable reason it was unfeasibly popular at the time (I suspect more due to Spektrum than Elton John), but still fun to listen to.

01: 08 Dunproofin' - Hella Stella (06:14)
No Doubt & Jam & Spoon: I'm not beyond trying to put my own spin on other people's ideas. The official Roger Sanchez mix of No Doubt sounded uncannily similar to Jam & Spoon's Stella (albeit in a house rather than breaks style). Yet again however, I managed to create a DJ track that's almost impossible to DJ with (that ending is a bugger!)

01: 09 Dunproofin' - Superquadrophonia (05:06)
Quadrophonia & S-Express: two old school classics mixed up to give a nostalgic rush. And I finally managed to create a reasonably DJ friendly track (the intro's too short though!)

01:10 E-Jitz - Nobody Had A Lemon (04:01)
Chemical Brothers & Orbital (mostly): co-created with Richie Deluxe where, as with most E-Jitz productions, alcohol featured quite heavily. After we'd finished, the honorary 3rd E-jitz, DJ Lumpy, suggested it would be better without the (Yazoo) vocals. He was of course correct. A track I keep meaning to redo one of the days as I keep hearing little things I would change slightly. Like a more friendly DJ version, inevitably.

01:11 Dunproofin' - FU2 (04:42)
Lady Sov vs ED 209 & Ken Mac: another nightmare to DJ with, but a real favorite of mine.

01:12 Dunproofin' - Hard To Boot (Emma Revision) (05:34) (Previously Unreleased Version)Daft Punk & Hard-Fi: have you spotted the theme yet. The original version of this was whilst fun, not something that was easy to DJ with. This version has some breaks behind it and is far easier to DJ with as well as being a little faster. I'm not 100% happy with it as unfortunately, the track was about 99% completed when Kojak left this mortal coil - this is rescued from a "play in the car and listen to what needs changing" disc.

01:13 Dunproofin' - Pure Moaning (06:07)Placebo vs The Mighty Baker Boys (mostly): created for the now defunct McSleazy XFM Scotland radio show. Not the first time I used the Baker Boys track, but ending up with a result that's far more interesting than Eminimemememem on the vocals (which I used to cut up live on two turntables). And there's always room for one more drum & bass track.

01:14 Christina Aguleira - Makeover (Dunproofin's Future Sound Remix) (07:14)Christina Aguleira vs Future Sound Of London (mostly): and a huge guitar sample that to this day nobody's managed to spot. Without doubt my favorite remix completed, as it completely changes the original and has an energy absent previously. The weird thing is I didn't listen to the original version until after I finished the remix. I got lucky.

02:01 E-Jitz - Two Magdalene F***ers (07:13)
De-Lacey & The Smiths (mostly): more alcohol. By this point, a working method had been established for the E-jitz. Get sh*tfaced, make daft suggestions, do a very rough mix on the spot to see if it the track will work at all, and then Richie will let me finish the track. One of these days we'll get around to finishing more tracks, but frankly the first part of the process seems to take up most of the creative process now. Which is how it should be.

02:02 Dunproofin' - Just Don't Care (04:00)Corine Bailey Ray & Grandmaster Flash: truth be told I was bored on a Friday night and set myself a challenge to mashup a top ten hit at random. Thank your lucky stars it wasn't Chico's "It's Chico Time" that I picked at random. The introduction is a cut up of the Grandmaster Flash vocals, and the only 'pella used in the track.
02:03 Dunproofin' - Casbah Wonder (02:45)Stevie Wonder & The Clash: influenced after a visit to the legendary "Bastard" club night in London (DJ Riko, Loo & Placido & DJ Zebra were performing), and completed within a couple of hours from starting. A total bastard to DJ with, but still love it to bits.

02:04 Dunproofin' - ldnwkd (03:00)
Chad Jackson, Lily Allen & Missy Elliot: as I said earlier, I'm not shy in putting my own spin on other people's ideas - the Missy Elliot part of this song is a slightly reworked version of another bootlegger's idea (Churchill I think?). I'll take the blame for the Lily Allen portion of this however. Not the easiest of tracks to actually put together in some respects thanks to the musical aspects of Ms Allen's vocals, but I think it was hidden reasonably well.

02:05 Dunproofin' - Never Win (Got To Have Your Love) (04:31)
Fischerspooner & Liberty X: Fischerspooner are vastly under-rated. Liberty x are long departed. The track was quite difficult to put together (a lot of stitching going on in the tracks), but as as pop statement goes, I'm still really happy with this one.

02:06 Dunproofin' vs Aggro1 - Pussy Cat Party (03:31)Bloc Party & Pussy Cat Dolls: the only track on this compilation where I had no input on the original concept - that genius belongs to Aggro1 who sent over a demo of the track using a different mix of Bloc Party. I redid the track using the original version of the Bloc Party track. Job done, instant indie-disco filler created. Still a great track even if I say so myself, and full credit where it's deserved is due to Aggro1.

02:07 Dunproofin' - Booty Of Choice (Edit) (04:02)
Fatboy Slim & Jackson 5: you would think it would be difficult to go wrong with this one, but there's so much extra work required on young Michael's voice. I still wonder if anyone noticed I repeated the same line twice at one stage also to make the structure fit. Always good to play at a party however.
02:08 Dunproofin' - Standing In The Way Of Felix (04:46)
Felix & Gossip: Of course, you would think I would have learned by now, but no. Another DJ track that's actually really difficult to DJ with. This was actually the second crack I made at the Gossip vocal - the first attempt issued under a pseudonym was ironically enough far easier to DJ with - but musically I was happier with this version. The lift of "we are you friends" is also a reference to another bootlegger who, to be honest made a far better class of bootleg than this, under another perhaps obvious pseudonym.

Duffy - Mercy (Dunproofin's Thankful Mix) (05:11)Duffy: At this point, you really should have had the unreleased and DJ friendlier extended version which about three people have a copy of. I'm not one of those three people. And neither is the cheeky f*cker who pressed up a white label of this - there is a certain irony in having to buy back your own creation though. Very simple if truth be told, just beefing up the drums & bass and keyboards, and giving it a more club friendly style.

02:10 Dunproofin' - Alphaboot (03:26)
Alphabeat & The Futureheads: one of the few exceptions where I've revisited a vocal - the opportunity to use both chorus from both songs was really too good an opportunity to miss. A small part of me feels that I sold my soul to the Devil on this though, or to the Pop God depending on which day of the week it is.

02:11 Dunproofin' - Rock & Roller Blade (05:41) (Previously Unreleased Track)
Oasis & New Order / Public Domain: again, rescued from a demo disc, and made specifically for a recent gig. Public Domain nicked the Pump Panel's remix of New Order's "Confusion" and decided to call it "Operation Blade" in deference to the film "Blade", in case you were wondering.

02:12 Dunproofin' - Can You Feel Magik ? (05:26)
Todd Terry & The Klaxons: finally managed to create a DJ friendly track. Perhaps one of my proudest moments to date was hearing a report that the wonderful MSTRKRFT had played this out at a gig of theirs.

02:13 Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun (Dunproofin's Dun Sympathy Mix) (07:56)
Primal Scream (& a host of others which I ain't telling): and this is possibly my other proudest moment to date, not specifically this track but the whole Primal Scream remix album which this is taken from. Without doubt my favorite album to come from the "bootleg scene", even if the majority of the content consisted of remixes rather than bootlegs. I'm biased naturally, but I feel it's just simply very good.

02:14 Dunproofin' - Join The Prayer (04:30)
Bloc Party & Sub Focus: which brings us bang up to date. The last gig I played was pretty surreal in a lot of respects, but one of the odder moments was hearing Cyantific playing out the (vocal free) Sub Focus track, and wondering what had happened to the vocals. Too much free booze.

Hope y'all enjoy !


  1. Anonymous22/6/08 10:51


    It's a pity about your lost demos and 'pella library. I guess they were saved to the system partition of your computer. If so, I recommend to save your precious files to an own partition.

    Thanx for the great compilation.

  2. Dang! The shareonall links super NSFW...haha

    Anyway, the links are all gone.
    Any chance of a re-up, my man?

    I can't use torrent now :-(

  3. Just wanted to say, FANTASTIC work. Love the Oasis v New Order/Public Domain mix, just cant get it off my iPod play list....

  4. Dun, was gutteed to read this about your lost work. I know it's several months after the fact but, man, I'm really sorry to hear it. Keep it up, no matter if it changes a little in the future,people will keep coming back cuz they know the quality you put out. cheers. shep