Saturday, January 26, 2008

May we ?

This song has been going through my head for days now. It's just 12 bar blues, but there's just something about that voice. Deserves to be absolutely massive. Please go and buy the single. In fact, buy the album when it comes out also. This single, and the previous ("Rockferry"), have been pretty spectacular. This remix is just an attempt to get something a little more in a club style on the track ....
... and club style give me an excuse to post up the best Vic Reeves moment ever .....


  1. This really is rather ace - horny and squelchy!

  2. Anonymous16/2/08 10:53

    lovely remix ;-)

    I can hear so many influences in duffy's tracks from my younger days haha cant wait for the album

  3. Really Good Mix!!!

    Good Job!!! ;)

  4. I'm ur fan!11/8/09 18:00

    Love this remix! You always to a great job but you've made a good song GREAT! (again) keep up the great work!