Wednesday, December 12, 2007


There's almost no pictures of the Velvettes on the interweb. Oddly enough, there's too many of Britney. Very strange really.

In other news ... one of the small projects I've been involved in recently was a bootleg tribute album to the Chemical Brothers which you can find over at the Block Rockin' Boots website ... the other three projects I've finished tracks for I can't tell you about yet, which is pretty frustrating. Anyway, Gutthell did a video for my contribution which I think is pretty ace as well as being an unexpected and pleasant surprise for me.

Anyway, if you liked the video, you can download the music also. I'm good to you like that.


  1. nice boot ! really sayin' somefin'...

  2. good work, that vocal sits really nicely over toxic. couldn't find their site until I realised it's spelt "velvelettes" - maybe that's why you didn't turn up any pictures :)

    merry december etc.!

  3. ahh .. that would explain it ! D'Oh! Cheers Mike ...

  4. Who are the women in the video dancing? It sure isnt the Velvelettes!