Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bring The Noise

I've said it before but dammit I'll say it again, there's a lot more to the Klaxons than meets the eye. It's all in the lyrics: Possibly their finest (re-released) single, "Gravity's Rainbow" takes on the work of Thomas Pynchon which I will have to look out for now. It seems that his book of the same name polarised opinions completely. It also seems to be as readable as James Joyce. Completely unpenetratable then.

Anyway, a pinch of Soulwax, a hair of Rex The Dog, a teaspoon of Sounds and a riot of Klaxons. It's all in there ...

And a little bonus on this post: you may recognise LFO's "Goodnight Vienna" as being the theme music to many a Film4 trailer - it had been bugging me for years, so when I finally re-listened to LFO's fine "Advance" album again I was pretty overjoyed (not the least because I forgot what a fantastic album it was). Not a lot to this track other than some additional beats courtsey of Poxy Music and slight re-editing going on.