Tuesday, January 23, 2007

... If You Hate Me Then F*** You

Turns out the album's out in the UK, finally, at the end of January. It's very good, if a little over familiar from all the previous singles. It is however, whatever some people might say, one of the best pop albums to come out from a UK artist for some time. I love it. Sov's "Love Me Or Hate Me" has been all over the media - no doubt helped by this video ...

All over MTV like the proverbial rash. I've also heard the song used as incidental music on, erm, Ugly Betty with the chorus replaced with "If you hate me then ... I hate you too". Noooooooooooooo - just total wrongness. Anyway ... any excuse for a repost in my book. FU2 is an alternative take on the original "Love Me Or Hate Me", and you can grab it below.

To be honest I've been a little disappointed with the official remixes, with the notable exception of the new Missy Elliot version: new rhymes from Missy Elliot, new rhymes from Sov ... how can I resist. A bit of a large one with a big sample from a rave classic. Have an FU2 remix on me ...

Please go and buy the original though (out on January 29th) ... it's very good and I'd love Sov to have a top ten hit on her own steam for once.


  1. Anonymous24/1/07 03:52

    It IS always quite a shame to hear the "...then I hate yoooooooou!".

    Hard to say which ver. I like better, as they're both stormin' tracks...The original rmx is just so cemented in my mind. But, with the steady diet of inevitable spins I see coming in my future, I'm certain this will take over the #2 spot in my all-time list of fave Dun boots...

    ...until the next.


  2. thanks for posting this. i have never heard of this chick before. i just downloaded the album and video off of iTunes.

    who says bootlegs don't move albums?!