Friday, December 29, 2006

I Just Want To Get Away

Any old excuse for a re-posting as far as I'm concerned. A question was recently posed - what is your own favourite bootleg / remix to date. It's actually a question that I can readily answer for once as I really had a lot of fun putting this one together a few years ago. I still think it stands up today.

It also manages to combine my love for The Future Sound Of London and, erm, well I'm not going to tell you where the guitars are from. I'm especially happy that the chorus doesn't appear until around 5 minutes into the track. Not the most familiar of tracks perhaps (I don't think it got a single release in the UK), but the fact it sounds significantly different from the original matters not one jot to me. (I hadn't listened to the original when I made the remix ...) This is also the first time it's been available in super loverly juberly quality 320kps download.