Monday, October 02, 2006

Hung Up (Again!)

A couple of people e-mailed me asking for a copy of the mp3 for the video below. Seems to be some confusion as I didn't make either the music or video mashup for it - it's not half bad though. Judge for yourself.

Anyway, if you want to download my version (it's significantly different) then you can grab it here. If anyone wants to make a video for my version I'd gladly send them a cd or something.


  1. yours was loads better - it is getting club play over here in dallas, texas!

  2. Yours is WAY better.
    Straight to my mp3 player she goes.

  3. From which video are the dancing asian food service workers? I'd like to check the whole thing out.

  4. This is a remix together with Madonna. Gwen stefani - What are you waiting for (Thin White Duke Remix) so not diffucult but a nice video. good shots. Greetz Dustria