Saturday, October 14, 2006

... And I Got What You Need

A couple of DJ flavoured tracks this time in anticipation of the next Kitsch Bitch (tomorrow, 9pm, you know the address by now ....). Bob Marley and Nelly Furtado go electro. Should also mention big thanks to Ian Fondue for his help on the Nelly track, and the quite wonderful I Like These Tunes blog.

Download Exodus
Download Promiscuous
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Should also say many thanks to the good people over at Get Your Bootleg On for making the last track (FU2) a recommendation. To quote the Sov herself, "If you love me then Thankyou". Some rather large news on the Black front coming soon ... regular visitors will know what I mean.

1 comment:

  1. Man, these two mixes ("Promiscuous" and "Exodus" are brrrrilliant!! :) I couldn't be more chuffed that you and peeps like team9 are moving more into this production/remix direction, rather than the tired avenue of mashups. I can't wait to burn these two to a C.D. and blast it from big speakers!!