Monday, June 12, 2006

Stand Up Stand Up Stand Up

Any excuse for a repost ... ok : how about firstly there's been a request on GYBO for Fatboy Slim remixes. Well, you'll getting two FBS mixes, and just cos I feel like it a Beats International Bootleg. Funnily enough I've just finished a Beats International bootleg, but I ain't putting that one up yet.
That's a good a start as any. Any excuse to post that picture of the Housemartins is a good excuse also.

OK, secondly, the rather nifty little video above was put up on t'internet recently, and subsequently removed as it's buggering up the blog, but  I'm really rather proud of it. It's a little rude. You've been warned. Holestar, the performer, is a wonder who does the track better than I would have thought would have been possible. So, you've seen it live, now you can re-live the studio performance. Or something like that. And for good measure, have another E-Jitz track, posted by request (honestly!). The good news is there may be some new E-Jitz material on the way so. Plenty of plans made recently.
Final reason - I've done nothing new this week. And am not likely to for a little time. Go and watch the football like everyone else !

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