Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Do My Thang ...

It's been a while hasn't it. Me bad. West Of has been and gone, as has an unscheduled repeat appearance at Club GYBO in Glasgow. I've done quite a few boots but you would have to have been looking hard to catch them. Must try harder. Anyway, another day, another M*ssy *ll**t boot ...


  1. Funky as hell - what's the 'mental in the back there?

  2. It's a combination of a few tunes : laidback's "white horse", john aquaviva &madox's "bling" and, erm, kriss kross's "jump"

    Thanks for your comment - always appreciated :)

  3. Sure I heard some Paul Hardcastle - The Wizard in there briefly, but I guess not...

  4. Anonymous5/1/06 15:18

    Damn.. Didn't you have some songs in Need For Speed 4? Your music iz dope man..