Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Just a quick note ... curiosity being the thing that it is leads me to sometimes catch blog comments / reviews of some of the tracks I post. I love feedback (who doesn't?) but I perhaps sometimes don't make it clear what the purpose of these tracks are ... well basically there is no purpose other than fun on my part and a little enjoyment perhaps on the listeners. A good example is popdirt. No - these mashups are not authorised. The majority of these tracks involve little other than a vocal which the artist themselves has usually put out for public consumption and a backing track hacked from another artist, preferably genre completely. The trick is getting the two to splice together fairly coherently.

I do not make any money from anything that is published here - the blurb down at the base of the page it states quite clearly how to contact me if you have legitimate right to want removal of any particular track. Most artists see this kind of thing as publicity, but at the end of the day I respect their right to make a living.

And yes, Jennifer Lopez is dull, The Human League are dour and I am Peter Pan.

Rant finished.